Here are just five steps to reach Suswasa’s Space; A space to be in wellness and joyfulness always!

Let’s step in there now!

Observe your five breaths in the following sequence;

  1. As you inhale (breath in) mentally say IN and as you exhale (breath out) mentally say OUT.
  2. As you breath in, mentally recite DEEP and on your breathing out mentally say SLOW.
  3. As you inhale, recite mentally CALM and while exhale, recite mentally EASE.
  4. As you are breathing in, say mentally SMILE and while breathing out, recite in mind RELEASE.
  5. Now, as you breath in, recite in your mind PRESENT MOMENT and while breathing out, mentally recite WONDERFUL MOMENT!

Take these five steps anytime, anywhere subject to the caution mentioned below;

Caution: Do not do this while driving, cooking and operating machinery.

What are you waiting for?

CORO N..A… (it means DO IT NOW! in Hindi language!!)

This practice can be adopted wonderfully for digital detox .  Do take these five steps as you switch to different platforms on social media. For example, if you are tempted to look at FB now, take those five steps before clicking on that notification! Do every time you switch platforms among whatsapp, instagram,tiktok, youtube, etc!

(Thanks to Abhilasha Herr for inspiring to write this wonderful practice).



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