“Keep a bowl of water for birds in the back yard”.

Very simple job?

Well it was not for me, for a long time!

I had come across the message to help the birds many times, specifically in summer months. But few summers passed and nothing happened as I was just following all the thoughts generated around that act!

And on one particular summer afternoon, in the moment of stillness of mind, I acted upon just one thought. So a pit stop for thirsty birds got created!

Then on, cleaning and replenishing the bowl with fresh water became a daily ritual.

After so many months, suddenly one day I realised that this act has greatly benefitted me! I learnt what does it mean to ‘give without any expectations’! (After all, those birds can’t say even a simple thank you!)

It also helped to reveal the formulae of thought world, which became a part of the book MY FIRE WITHIN!


(Image courtesy : commons.wikimedia.org)

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