Candle gives the light when it comes in contact with the lighted match stick. Candle may be small and may not be of much use when the sun is shining. However, when it is dark, it definitely spreads light!

Candle also helps in lighting other candles further spreading the light.

It adds charm to the festive mood, romance and even prayer!

Cigarette when lighted gives out smoke and heat. Cigarette keeps burning hot giving out polluting smoke till it reaches its butt!

Cigarette when used to light another cigarette, it spreads harm with heat and smoke!

Match stick is available to all of us in the form of sparkling intelligence.

Now the only decision to be made is to be a candle or to be a cigarette!

And Awareness provides the wisdom to choose.

Be mindful to be aware and you will never go wrong with your choice!

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