We all enjoy the company of childhood friends and more so as we progress in age!

Last week I met my childhood friends after a long time and enjoyed wonderful moments with them for two days!

We all jumped into swimming pool, played cricket, shuttle badminton, table tennis, carom, went for a trekking apart from chatting endlessly!

Enjoying food was also part of the ritual.

However all these continuous merry making activities did not drain out the energy!

Are you curious to know how did it happen? Ok, I will let out the secret.

I was getting into SUSWASAs Space through Zhan Zhuang exercises during those two merry making days also, like any other day!

And Suswasa’s Space is a space of Stillness for harnessing Energy for Peace and Calmness in the midst of Actions!

It leads us to be in wellness and joyfulness always!

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