I was thirsty and reached for a glass, filled it up with water and drank it. Then put that empty glass back on the table.

It is quite possible for anyone reading the above line to say “it is quite an ordinary stuff”!

However, a deeper insight started to reveal within!

The glass was empty before and after I drank water from it. And the empty glass can hold whatever is poured into it!

The glass is Life and the space inside the glass holds all that is happening in the life.

We come with empty hand and go with empty hand. However, we have the choice to fill up the life between that coming and going!

Being aware of the space inside, we can know what is getting filled up! And we also have the choice of emptying it now and then. Emptying gives another choice to fill up and it could be wellness and joyfulness!

(Image courtesy : dreamstime.com)



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