We have seen that the role of women has significantly changed in recent years.  Women are no less than men.  Women plays multiple roles like mother, sister, wife, leader, mentor, trainer, teacher, guide, coach in one’s life.  We are seeing more women taking up leadership positions in all fields through their hard work and determination.  And it requires some important skills as well to play multiple roles.

Here are 5 skills women are exceptionally well at that we should learn from them.

  1. Be emotionally intelligent – To lead it is very important to be aware of emotions of our own and that of others, which can be leveraged for the better use.
  2. Prioritize and Optimize – Women play multiple roles daily, still they very well prioritize and optimize their work.
  3. Delegation – I believe women are masters in the art of delegation which is very important to lead in personal and professional life. I have learnt this from my awesome wife.
  4. Developing 3 Cs – Competence, Confidence and Credibility – If we develop our competence then it will result in increased confidence and credibility, which will help to grow and take up leadership roles.
  5. Don’t look for appreciation – Women keep doing their work without any need for appreciation and they still do exceptionally well.

On Women’s day, I dedicate this article to all the wonderful women.  Keep doing amazing work and inspiring us.

Happy Women’s Day!

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